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Six Years Gone: Big Hawk Remembered

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If anybody saw anything, they damn sure weren't talking. HPD turned up no leads and no suspects, and nobody was ever arrested or charged with the homicide. That's how it always seems to go when a rapper is taken out.

Hawk may be gone, but his legacy lives on in the city he called home. Thanks to Hawk's widow, Meshah Henderson Hawkins, and Julie Grob, the University of Houston Libraries' Coordinator of Digital Projects and Instruction, Special Collections, a number of personal mementos and artifacts from his rap career: A handwritten notebook of lyrics, rhymes, domino scores and other notes.

These are permanently preserved as part of the UH library's Houston hip-hop collection. This way, Hawk's place in the city's musical history can't be forgotten or overlooked by future fans and historians. No doubt the big man would have liked that a lot.

Hawk's music hasn't been forgotten here at Rocks Off, either. There's a lot of it to remember --Hawk's soft, smooth baritone flow was featured on dozens and dozens of albums, gray tapes, mix tapes and collaborations over his career.

In memory of his contributions to local music, Rocks Off has collected the following six essential tracks from Hawk's career -- one for each year since he was taken from us. Twist up a sweet, turn up your computer speakers and bang 'em loud in tribute to a Houston hip-hop original.

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