Skeleton Dick: 3-D And Dinosaurs For Christmas

Rocks Off is convinced we're going out on Christmas Day to do some of that rock and rolling thing that seems to be so popular with the kids. But where shall we go? The goth in us is leaning towards dropping by Numbers for Underworld's Christmas Party. Then again, there's always the ERASEtheVIRUS Christmas show down at Scout Bar.

Or we could go see Skeleton Dick in 3-D, plus dinosaurs.

Skeleton Dick - currently reigning as Houston's best punk band - is a group of reprobates with whom Rocks Off With One F keeps in pretty good contact. We've been buds with member Chris Vasquez since his stint in Asmodeus X, and we figured if anyone had something going on that didn't involve awful sweaters and fruitcake it would be him.

Sure enough, they'll be onstage at Fitzgerald's with 30foot Fall and Monster Soup - back up after a long hiatus. Looks like it's going to be a pretty decent bit of fun. Then Vasquez confided in us that the show will be in 3D.

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