Sky Smith: Snorting The Line Between Win And Fail

As Father's Day approaches, you might want to do a lot of things with your dad: fishing, a ball game, or maybe you'd like to doll yourselves up and record a video of yourselves in a heartbreakingly epic duet of Eddie Money's "Take Me Home Tonight?" You might want to sing your heart out even though you look ridiculous. Most of all, you could believe in yourself like a good father would've taught you to. That's apparently what ex-high-school music teacher and aspiring rock star Sky Smith did, and boy, is it something else. Now either this is what is cool, or everything else in the world except this is. You'll have to decide for yourselves. Now if you'll excuse us, Rocks Off is going to go buy this man's CD because, well, we know we're not cool, so Sky Smith must be.

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