Sleater-Kinney Pick Up Right Where They Left Off

Sleater-Kinney Warehouse Live April 18, 2015

"Houston, it has been a long time," Carrie Brownstein painfully reminded the long-suffering devotees of one of the last decade's most influential bands, and tucking away the temporary trauma that was the memory of Sleater-Kinney's 2003 visit to the Woodlands Pavilion as Pearl Jam's openers became easy. As Corin Tucker and Janet Weiss also took their respective places, the memory of their absence was completely extinguished by performing songs from their extensive past catalog and their astonishing new album, No Cities to Love.

Like their timeless collection of songs, the packed Ballroom's diversity of race, gender and age was equally represented. Thirtysomething men sported Dwarves T-shirts, while middle-aged silver foxes clutched vinyl Sleater-Kinney albums. Teenage girls and college-age women shared the same admiration for a band that has pioneered socially conscious music for a gender that once was grossly underrepresented. Saturday night was a celebration uniting the Sleater-Kinney faithful with those who simply enjoy a show that rocks.

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Stephan Wyatt