Sleigh Bells 'Reign', Are You Listening? Noise Pop Duo Unveils New Album Details

Brooklyn-based Sleigh Bells' Derek Miller, former guitarist for hard-core band Poison the Well, and Alexis Krauss, former singer of a girlie group no one has ever heard of have finally finished the much anticipated follow up to 2010's Treats.

Reign of Terror is slated to be released on Valentine's Day of 2012 so jot that down if your honey is into heavy electro-pop with blown-out drums and fuzzy guitars turned up to 11 instead of flowers and chocolates. Ain't that sweet?

So how will the sophomore effort differ from the debut? Miller told Rolling Stone that the new material is "less like "party music" saying "I think the new stuff differs from 'Treats', it's an emotionally really heavy record. Some of the stuff on 'Treats' is party music and that's definitely not the case with this one."

The track listing was released Wednesday, Dec 7--

01. True Shred Guitar 02. Born To Lose 03. Crush 04. End Of The Line 05. Leader Of The Pack 06. Comeback Kid 07. Demons 08. Road To Hell 09. You Lost Me 10. Never Say Die 11. D.O.A.

Two weeks before the album's release, Sleigh Bells will kick off a tour in Florida (ugh, yes, only Florida) where guitarist Derek Miller grew up, joined by DJ/producer Diplo and Brooklyn metal band, Liturgy.

The band so graciously posted a teaser video for the new album to give those of us that just can't wait a little sneaky peek of what's to come.

Kinda jacks you up a bit, doesn't it? And come on...she's not awful to look at.

To hear more from their 2010 release Treats, click to listen to the first two singles, Tell 'Em and Infinity Guitars.

Are you looking forward to hearing 'Reign of Terror'? Do you dig what Sleigh Bells is doing? Do they have staying power or are they just another noisy fad sure fade? Let us know in the comments section!

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