Slideshow on Demand: You Make the Call

Rocks Off loves to put together musical slideshows, and if the response to a few of our recent ones is any indication (hi, Digg!), you like them too. Album covers are an almost inexhaustible resource that are always fun to look at and can be grouped together any number of ways. So last night Rocks Off was sitting around listening to Sirius XM's Classic Rewind channel and decided there's really no reason for him to hog all the fun. Just for a laugh, for five songs in a row he jotted down three potential slideshows per artist; all you have to do is scroll through the choices and vote in the comments. Rocks Off will tally up the votes Wednesday morning and do the necessary research to have a slideshow ready by 5 p.m. Have at it!

  • Journey

    ("Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)")

a) Bad sci-fi album covers b) Rock bands to hit the Billboard Hot 100 Top 3, 1981-'85 c) Singers named Steve

  • Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers ("Refugee")

a) Bands/musicians from northern Florida b) Bands with "heart" or "break" in their names c) Tom Petty's speed dial

  • Dire Straits ("So Far Away")

a) Rock and roll's straight arrows (Buddy Holly, Moby, etc.) b) Anglo-German or German-American musicans besides Mark Knopfler c) Money for Nothing: Top private-party guarantees (i.e. how much does Bob Dylan charge to play your birthday?)

  • Phil Collins ("I Missed Again")

a) R&B, soul and/or rap artists who have covered or sampled Phil Collins b) Other musical Miami Vice guest stars c) Bald dudes in rock and roll

  • Rush ("New World Man")

a) Other Canadian artists most Americans have heard of b) Prog-rock albums as exasperating as 2112 c) Four-letter band names

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