Slim Thug Pranks Mike Jones In New "Still Ringin'" Video

Besides "Still Tippin'" and the word "who?" one constant that's become synonymous with Mike Jones' career is "punching bag." Trae literally punched him at the Ozone Awards a couple years back, and Slim Thug now delivers a metaphorical punch via a new parody clip.

Clad in a black sweat, Slim pings his phone company to complain about some issues. He's recently changed his phone number, but still gets calls from friends of the previous owner.

When he calls out the number in question (281-330-8004), you get a clear idea of who he's talking about. But just in case you weren't paying attention, he adds some detail.

"I actually know the dude whose number this used to be," adds Slim Thug.

"Now, what's this person's name?" asks the operator.

"Mike Jones"



Is Slim mocking Mike Jones for falling off the map? Or is he suggesting that the people are clamoring for a Mike Jones comeback? Either way, this clip should give you a hearty laugh to kick off the week. "Still Ringin'" is the latest in a running series by the hip-hop sketch comedy group The Real (Eric Rosenthal, Jeff Rosenthal, Greg Mayo).

"How can I help you today, Mr. Thug?"

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