Slim Thug: Single, Looking For Two... And A Fan?

Rocks Off loves just about everything Slim Thug does. We're big fans of his music, of course, but our admiration has really grown since we started getting to know him via Twitter over the past year or so. Screw that Shit My Dad Says guy; we think Slim should have his own TV show.

Keep Shatner, though. He could play Slim's manager.

You may remember that a few weeks back, Slim tweeted that he was looking for "sympathy pussy" after his flight from San Jose to Houston was diverted when someone tried to open the emergency exit in mid-air. More recently, he shared his disappointment that Lakewood Church does not announce in advance when Joel Osteen is not preaching.

Now Slim has directed his attention back to more earthly pursuits. Monday, the 30-year-old rapper posted an ad in Craigslist Houston's "Casual Encounters" section, where people go to drum up some no-strings-attached nookie. Even better, he posted it under the "m4ww" subhead. For those of you not familiar with Craigslist lingo, that basically means this (almost NSFW, but not quite).

We know this because Slim let all his Twitter followers know about the ad shortly after posting it, and provided a convenient picture as well. As awesome as that is, Rocks Off could not help but admire the choice of words Thugga used to express his desire to get this particular party started. Here's what he said:

im a 6'6" handsome, rich, black male looking for a sex with no strings attached ;-) i just got out of a relationship and looking to get my rocks off

This is not the first Twitter-related interaction Rocks Off has had with Mr. Thug. He came by our office to pick up his Houston Press music award after we flagged him down last year. He's still not following us, though, which is kind of a drag.

Regardless, Rocks Off could not be prouder to play even a small, subliminal part in Slim's potential hookup. We hope it works out for him, and we're sure he'll tell us (and the rest of you) all about it when and if it does.

Oh and by the way, ladies, if you're interested in answering Slim's ad, here it is. And get in on his Twitter action at @slimthugga.

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