Slim Thug Uses Twitter In A Non-Sexual Way

Hands down, Slim Thug is the most interesting Houston rapper on Twitter. It's really not even all that close. Bun has come on strong these past two or so weeks, Cham is good for tech junk and basketball arguments, Trae always has some controversy worth checking on and Paul Wall's feed is surprisingly endearing. But man, when it comes to just raw, unfiltered, "I Simply Don't Give A Shit" entertainment, Thugga is king.

Remember that time he tweeted his masturbatory sessions to Beyonce and Alicia Keys? Or the time he was trying to find someone that he could pay $100 to look through his shit - not his stuff, his shit - because he thought he may swallowed a one-carat diamond from one of his grills? Or the time he posted what looked an awful lot like a picture of himself having sex with a girl in his bathroom (he later said she was wearing panties)?

Just yesterday, Thugga got loose again, this time releasing an entire mixtape's worth of tracks. And you know what? Whether it be because it's been a bit since he's let out any new tapes, or simply because it happened in a very organic, very honest way (no goofy promotions or posturing), that shit jams.

Mixtape Wire was polite enough to put it together and package it up as No Mixtape. This one isn't all new music, but there are enough previously unheard tracks to make it worth your time to download. Do it here. In the meantime, here are a few tracks, as well as a tweet's worth of commentary about each.

"Suicide Dows" feat. Rick Ross

140 Character Review: Light, wincy production here plays well against Thugga and Ricky Ross's grumble. BTW, "Dows" = "Doors."

"Gangsta" feat. Z-Ro

140 Character Review: Ro crushes the hook. Thugga plays off him well. He always does. Can we get a duo tape already? It might end up better than Kings of da South.


140 Character Review: Icy. Wintry. Best song. Prediction: Thugga signs on to play 2011 HPMAs. Performs this song with Spain Colored Orange. This universe explodes.

"Outlaw Season"

140 Character Review: You have to appreciate the maturity that's beginning to tinge Thugga's selection of tracks to rap on. No way he raps on this in 2001.

"Rep The Dirty"

140 Character Review: Luda? Nice. Mr. Lee (production) super solid here. Bun's hook? Fly. Can't find much wrong with this one. Good showing from all.

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