Snow Tha Product at Warehouse Live, 2/27/2014

Snow Tha Product Warehouse Live 2/27/2014

Thursday night at Warehouse Live, I met Claudia Feliciano, a short, soft-spoken, wide-eyed Latina with a timid laugh. "Houston is one of the cities where I get the most nervous at, the others being Atlanta and New York City," she said while searching for an iPhone charger and a shot of Hennessy. The crowd near the stage was chanting her name, adding to the anticipation.

Claudia has a certain duality about her. Her other side is named Snow Tha Product, who despite her short stature, walks tall, whose voice is the opposite of a whisper, and attitude is nothing near shy. In fact, her rhymes are brash, bold, aggressive, confident and blunt. She is a powerhouse of energy, and that intensity is infectious.

Snow's favorite BPM hovers around 135: fast, loud and hard. What was once dormant in Claudia gets woken up in Snow. But this is no act, no false character. She is both individuals, and that honesty is what wins over her legions of fans.

She hit the stage rolling with "Holy Shit," a machine-gun flow where she introduces herself as a "monster like Chewbacca but crunk as Waka Flocka," with an in-your-face nasal delivery that sent the crowd into a possessed state of turned-up-ness. (Did I just make up a word?!)

Snow alternated between a scowl and a smile throughout her set, bouncing up and down and left and right and back and forth across the stage like a hyperactive humming bird. There is no chillin' at a Snow Tha Product show, you either get on her level or get the fuck out.

According to Snow, her fan base is closer to fans of Machine Gun Kelly and Yelawolf than the slow, loud and bangin' audience of traditional Dirty South rap shows. She fully expects moshing, yelling, and hand waving, and makes sure ever fan gets their workout in.

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The San Jose, Calif. native reps her home state with the track "Cali Love," one of the singles from her newest mixtape, Good Nights & Bad Mornings 2. (Download it here.) With an EDM-styled beat and a Tupac sample, the song hits all the right buttons. Here she raps her mantra with "Tryin' to get to this function, I'm just trying to take shots / Came from nuthin' to somethin', Reppin' Cali like Pac."

Houston was the second stop of the appropriately named "Fuck Your Plans (Come Kick It)" tour that kicked off in Austin two nights ago. After the show, Snow's fans stayed behind for a chance to meet snow at the merch table. I over heard one fan yell "Hurry up, Snow! I got work early tomorrow morning!"

His chick just looked at him like "Biiiitch, we waiting!"



Personal Bias: I, too, am Mexican As Fuck.

The Crowd: Devoted Snow Tha Product fans packed the house. The Woke Army was in full effect.

Overheard In the Crowd: "I told them in 2010! Let's hope they listen in 2014!" -- my homie Rolando Rodriguez, who first wrote about Snow four years ago for Rocks Off, and who was also at the show last night.

Random Notebook Dump: In doing research for this show, I watched her interview with Snoop Dogg like 20 times, and watched several episodes of her Woke Wednesdays series on YouTube. Do yourself a favor and check them out.


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