Social Distortion: Story Of Their Life

Friday night Houston will see its first Social Distortion concert since Warehouse Live in late 2006. Lead singer Mike Ness played a solo date at the Meridian in mid-2008, doing select Social D hits and his own country-tinged stuff.

Houston's punk-rock and rockabilly contingent sold this show out in just a few weeks. Rocks Off can imagine the air in the venue off Caroline will be thick with pomade and expensive beer and whiskey. Not a rolled-down pant leg or unexposed neck tattoo will be seen in the house.

Social Distortion has been one of the most influential bands of the past 30 years, touching folks not only with their punk and rockabilly blend, but also fashion and tattoos. Their logo, a skeleton holding martini glass, is almost as ubiquitous as Black Flag's bars. Ness is the only guy who can make eyeliner look cool to us, even at 48 years old. Sorry Alice Cooper, you don't count.

But what about the band's influences? Where did they find their sound? You can point to the punks that were their peers in the beginning of their existence in 1978, and later on the country, classic rock and garage later on their career. Here's a list of the five bands that made "Story Of My Life," "Sick Boy" and "Cold Feelings" a possibility.


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