Solange Knowles Admits She's A "Blipster"

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As a white thirtysomething male who digs Merle Haggard, Al Green and Skynyrd, Rocks Off is well aware our hipster cred is pretty much in the toilet. Even the bands we do like that were once considered at least kinda "cool" - Wilco, Spoon, Phoenix - now share air time with Jack Johnson and the Dave Matthews Band on "Houston's Adult Alternative." But that's... OK. For one thing, we live in Houston, the one large American city where hipster-baiting is at least as competitive a sport as pro soccer. And perhaps because we could not give less of a shit what "glo-fi" is and cannot name one single Animal Collective - sorry, "AnCo" - song, we find following the adventures of those who do endlessly fascinating and entertaining. (If that applies to you, though, Rocks Off could probably use you. Drop us a line.) Rocks Off, finger-on-the-pulse as we are, has only just now discovered the Hipster Runoff blog, a Web site that liberally tosses around terms like "viral," "meme," "AZN" and "alt" in a style best described as text-message poetry. Here, everyone is a "bro" and M.I.A. is a goddess, something we can find no fault with whatsoever. Another recent HR convert is Solange Knowles, who, as she is wont to do, immediately announced her discovery to all her bros on Twitter. Rocks Off finds this information - as well as Solange's subsequent apologia that she was only late to the party because she's a "blipster" and hangs around other parts of the Interwebs - mad relevant and LOL-worthy. Now, if you'd care to click through (or scroll down), we have some actual news we'd like to share with you. It's about how you can help some local kids who could use some new band instruments so perhaps one day they can grow up to play chillwave themselves - although by the time they reach their mid-20s, chillwave will no doubt be as passe as hair metal, Steel Panther notwithstanding. No doubt you've heard about those kids from Pershing Middle School whose bus burned up this past Sunday when they were coming home from a band competition at Walt Disney World in Florida. The kids, whose bus caught fire after a blowout near Lake Charles, made it out OK, but neither their instruments nor the first-place trophy they were proudly transporting back to Pershing were quite so lucky. Anyway, House of Blues is hosting a benefit for the Pershing band members Monday evening in the Bronze Peacock Room. Cover is $20, and headlining is Pale, the local rockers who Rocks Off was interested to discover had been passed over in favor of Thom Yorke for a spot on last year's Twilight: New Moon soundtrack. We're not sure if that makes them "alt" or "mainstream" in HR parlance, but anyone willing to help out the Pershing kids on such short notice is all right in our book. Speaking of, members of the Pershing jazz band will also be performing. Doors open at 6 p.m.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.