Solange Knowles Shaken by Tour Bus-Deer Accident

Turns out Solange Knowles had a pretty legit reason for being off her game at last Friday's rodeo concert: While she and her band were en route from Austin, their tour bus plowed headlong into a colony of deer. Solange is one of the most prolific Twittering musicians out there - 24,000 followers, 1,760 updates - and last night she used the microblog to relay her account of what happened:

"I'm on the phone baking like betty in my bus bunk and CRASH! Thought I was dead, but turns out we ran into a family of dear:( ...  I can't believe it. Were all ok tho! Guitar player flew out of bunk n hurt his hand a little:( ... Really sad for the deer. One didn't make it:( ... Craziest thing is when your in your bunk , you have no access 2 windows so it really scared me.I just felt bam!"

Besides emoticons and "baking like betty" - something tells Rocks Off she ain't talking about making muffins there - Solange is also a big fan of Chairlift, so look for her in the audience at one of the Brooklyn indie/electro-poppers' SXSW appearances. 

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