Solo Albums: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Tomorrow night, former Audioslave lead singer and (thankfully) current Soundgarden member Chris Cornell will be at House of Blues for a long-sold-out acoustic show. Recent set lists have included a number of Temple of the Dog songs, some solo work, the usual 'Garden and 'Slave tracks, plus a handful of covers to exercise his famous vocal skawl.

Cornell was one of the first of the huge grunge guys to show us what he could do truly solo back in the late '90s, when most of his peers were either killing themselves or sinking into drugs. He was one of the only ones to actually step out and show us what he could do alone (read: more than scream) with his two solo releases, 1999's Euphoria Morning and 2007's Carry On.

Things got weird on 2009's Scream, with producer Timbaland at the helm. Cornell has one of the best rock voices that will ever be committed to record, no question. The entire Soundgarden catalog, even the Audioslave stuff, has amazing vocal work.

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Craig Hlavaty
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