Some New Stuff From Our "Washington Shore" DJ Dave Wrangler

Rocks Off is pleased as punch to announce that Houston mash-up maestro Dave Wrangler will be providing the tunes for our douche-tastic "Washington Shore" party at the Washington Avenue Drinkery on February 11. Wrangler also agreed to craft some custom Washington Shore mash-ups we'll be bringing you as the gelfest gets closer; we have no idea what he might be cooking up for that, except that it probably involves a whole lotta Jovi. In the meantime, Wrangler has been plenty busy. He's got another album of mix-and-match tracks, Under the Influence, scheduled to drop February 1, and has already put this remix of SXSW '10 must-sees

the xx's "Stars"

up for download via his Soundcloud page. Or perhaps sir or madame would prefer something from his recent N.A.S.A. vs. YACHT EP (which is included on Influence). We like

"The Mayor,"

which loops Scarface, Ghostface Killah and the Cool Kids, but if your tastes run more toward

The Kanye


David Byrne vs. Chuck D

, Wrangler's gotcha covered there too.

Rocks Off will keep you posted on "Washington Shore" developments as we continue to firm them up like The Situation's abs. At the moment, if any of you mooks and bennys out there know where we can get a good deal on a whole buncha bronzer, let us know. We'll see you at the Drinkery on February 11. The party is free, and luckily so is the clinic.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.