Somebody Had to Ask: WTF Is Going on With Lily Allen?

Rocks Off wants to know: WTF is going on with Lily Allen? After months of talk that she wanted to quit the music biz, she finally confessed that she did not intend to renew her record contract with EMI.

She made the announcement on a blog called It's Not Alright which she set up as a way to speak out against file-sharers in the UK, whom she says are causing the death of the music industry. (We beg to differ.)

Last Thursday, Allen pulled all her posts from the blog, including a post for which she was accused of plagiarism. Ironic, that. Then, of course, she took to her Twitter page to bitch about it.

Rocks Off loved Allen at first listen (and some of us still do), back when she was a potty-mouthed prepster, just 21 years old, Daddy's little girl. The schtick was charming then.

But when she started canceling shows, fighting photogs and showing up drunk, we started to think it was all just a bid for attention.

Early last year Allen had a miscarriage, and was reportedly devastated. From there things really went downhill. On the crazy-train to Britney-ville, Allen started flashing her tits to everyone. THEN she tried to out-bitch Elton John (not possible).

But when Allen started writing mean shit about people for no good reason (okay, maybe those people deserved it) and then her cancelled Austin City Limits gig we began to wonder if maybe she wasn't suffering from a little bit of over-exposure. NME calls her the first true pop star of the blog age but the problem is that when a musician (especially an opinionated young female musician) makes herself so accessible to fans and critics alike, she's going to have to take a little abuse.

Friday, a bevy of artists announced their support of Allen's anti-piracy crusade. Allen says she's quitting music and considering acting as a second career. Right, because there's no abuse in that line of work?

But Rocks Off wonders if Miss Allen isn't jumping the bandwagon on 2009's biggest music trend. Below, we give you four other cry-babies arteests who've quit music this year:

Ryan Adams No doubt sick of years of Bryan Adams jokes, Ryan Adams decides to quite music because he'll "always be viewed as an 'asshole.'" You said it dude. To Ryan Adams, we say: Maybe you shouldn't start so many fights with your fans. Like, you know.

David Berman

In January, the Silver Jews frontman announced he was quitting music but didn't really have much of a plan after that. "I guess I am moving over to another category. Screenwriting or muckraking. I've got to move on," he posted online. He also apparently didn't feel the need to tell his bandmates, who for some reason still showed up to perform with him through the band's last few shows. To Berman we say: At least Pavement is getting back together.

Noel Gallagher

After living with his brother for 37 years and performing with him for 18, Noel Gallagher decided he couldn't take even one more day and quit Oasis. The infighting has long been one of Oasis' schticks, perhaps meant to emulate their heros The Kinks. But when the disagreement lead to on-stage bitch-fests, it's probably time to wave the flag. To Noel Gallagher we say: Whatever.


Barely at the apex of her music career, M.I.A. announced at Bonnaroo that she was quitting music to go back to art, including clothing design. It was not even a year ago that the very preggo rapper gave birth just three days after the Grammys. To M.I.A. we say: you have the best excuse.

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