Somehow, Red Bull Has Become Very Important To Underground Rap In Texas

A white guy, two black guys and a Mexican walk into a club.


This coming Wednesday, February 1, Warehouse Live will host the inaugural show of the Red Bull Skooled tour. (If you've any concerns about the validity of the relationship Red Bull has rap, you're encouraged to read this, which is a review of the last rap-related event they threw. It was aces.) The premise of the Skooled tour is quite simple, and very respectable:

Five underground rap acts from Texas (each of the major cities has one, with Dallas allowed two because Dallas needs all the help it can get) have been selected to tour with some of Southern rap's greatest personas, including a demigod (Bun B), the greatest shit-talker alive (Mannie Fresh), a platinum selling man that had the Internet going nuts (Paul Wall) and probably the most famous Mexican in the hustle (Chingo Bling). The specific focus of the tour, besides offering free shows in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi and Ft. Worth, will be for the veterans to act as real actual mentors to the newbies. Historically, Texas -or, the South, really--has been wonderfully self-sufficient, so this happening here seems apropos.

Keep it moving for an easy-to-assemble playlist featuring the event's new kids.

Kydd, "Jungle"

Not to be confused with KAB's "Jungle."

A.Dd+, "Brain Sex (When Pigs Fly)"

If ever there was a reason not to actively dislike, A.Dd+ would be it. Download their tape, When Pigs Fly, for free here. Good, good stuff.

The Niceguys, "Ari Gold Remix"

We've already fawned all over this.

Worldwide, "Highway"

Did you know people in San Antonio rap? And that they do so well? Who knew?

DJ Sober performing

The name appears to be a tad misleading.

Doors open at 8 p.m., show starts at 9. It is 100 percent free. Be there, or be an equal-sided box.

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Shea Serrano