Somehow, Some Way, Free Press Houston Has Assembled the Westheimer Block Party Stage Schedules

Because we worked somewhere that shares a property line with SXSW for many, many years, Rocks Off knows a little bit about how the carcinoma-like March music festival places its 1,500-something bands into its 75-something venues. Basically, they work on it all year long - we reckon the schedule for next March's Austin shindig is between 50 and 60 percent booked at this point. (Lord help us all.) That said, we have no earthy idea how the Free Press Houston crew managed to schedule the some 250 local and regional artists - everyone save Saturday-night paid-show headliners Dead Prez and Japanther, basically - across the seven stages of the upcoming two-day Westheimer Block Party, now less than two weeks away. Jesus Christ. Especially considering how much reefer the FPH crew is rumored to puff. Save us a bong hit or two next time, guys. Anyway, it's going to take Rocks Off from now until Block Party to figure out who we're going to see and how long we're going to allow ourselves to stay rooted to any one spot, from the Saturday dilemmas of 10th Grade Cutie vs. Caddywhompus and Buxton vs. Peekaboo Theory to seeing how many acts we haven't seen live yet - Football, etc., White Guilt, Fiskadoro, Ringo Deathstarr, Holy Fiction, the Misfires, More Cowbell and the Goods, say - we can squeeze into Sunday. See the entire two-day schedule - plus a link if it's a little too hard to read - after the jump. We have our work cut out for us, and so do you. Note: clicking on each day's lineup will open a new window with a slightly easier-to-read schedule in it. If that's still too hard to read, which we suspect it may be, there is a slightly larger version posted on the Hands Up Houston board, which is where we got those from anyway.

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