Son Volt

Jay Farrar, who has always preferred to let his music do his talking, formed Son Volt following his highly publicized split with Jeff Tweedy and subsequent breakup of their band, Uncle Tupelo (Tweedy went on to front Wilco). While critics and fans raved about Son Volt's releases, the band was dropped by Warner Brothers following the release of Wide Swing Tremolo in 1998 due to disappointing sales. Farrar subsequently released two solo albums that again met with more critical than financial success. Reactivating Son Volt in 2004 for an Alejandro Escovedo benefit recording, Farrar quickly regained his stride with Okemah and the Melody of Riot, which was included on many Best Of lists for 2005. But it is Son Volt's latest work, The Search, that may finally bring Farrar the paycheck and career he deserves. And while Farrar and the new album will certainly be the center of attention, this Continental gig also is a homecoming for Houston guit-slinger Chris Masterson, who recently left Jack Ingram's band to join Son Volt.
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William Michael Smith