Songs About Fireworks (Since They Are Banned)

If you are reading this in Texas, you no doubt know that this year, with the drought the state is experiencing, fireworks are pretty much a no-no for regular folks, with only fire officials being able to handle them, and only for public displays. Sadly, us normal people will not be able to play with fire this year, at least until more rain comes, and hopefully not in the form of a hurricane.

Monday is the Fourth of July, arguably the biggest holiday for fireworks besides New Year's Eve and Miley Cyrus' birthday. Rocks Off found some songs that deal in the dangerous art of gun powder and fire. Most artists use the implements of fun as a metaphor, and don't literally sing about firecrackers and Roman candles in the real sense.

Here is a list of songs about fireworks, from Katy Perry and Drake to Siouxsie and Waylon and Willie. You can see some actual fireworks at the City of Houston's annual Freedom Over Texas festival, which starts at 4 p.m. Monday.

If you do in fact feel the need to do your own, though, please be safe, keep a hose or bucket of water handy, and have plenty of cash and booze handy to pay off the cops who come by. Also, hit us up on Twitter or Facebook, because we want to play too.

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