Songs to Make The Clothes Melt Off This Valentine's Day

Getting in the mood.
Getting in the mood. Photo by Charles Mok
Tick-tock-tick-tock—Makin’ Love With The Houston Press is hungry once again to deliver more unconventional Valentine’s Day music recommendations. Expect this lineup to melt the clothes right off your bodies wherever you may be; the kitchen, the parking lot, let’s hope not a parent/teacher conference… but I guess depending on the teacher, that could really work out?

A few tips, if I may, on crafting a playlist as well as other things:
  1. If you really feel the need to play a slow song, strategically plant it in the middle of the playlist, so he/she physically cannot get up and change it.
  2. While it is most definitely one party's job to bring protection, it’s best if the other party has backup protection in the event the first party doesn’t have his shit together or in the event more than what was provided is needed.
  3. Oh, I guess for married couples— lock the door? But that does limit activities to the bedroom…
To listen to the below recommendations in full check out the playlist “Makin’ Love With The Houston Press 2020” on Spotify by Kate McLean. If you missed last year’s Not So Classic Valentine’s Day Songs, it’s also available on the Spotify playlist: “Makin’ Love With The Houston Press 2019.”

Without further adieu, and in the tone of Usher: they call us H-O-U-S-T-O-N P-R-ESS, now baby tell me you want you wanna do with me.

“In The Sunshine (Lion Boy Electrify Remix)” by Cali Satellites, TIAAN, Lion Boy: Maybe I’m dead. Maybe he’s dead? Are we all dead? This song is the ultimate “so good I might be dead” jam.

“Drowning (Avicii Remix)” by Armin Van Buuren, Laura V, Avicii: This song makes me want to fall into a massive, neon ball pit and have you come find me. That OR wheels up at IAH to some metropolitan party island, end up selling all your stuff back home via Craigslist, accepting trust fund money to open a trattoria, and writing romance-novels-on-the-side at a fully-staffed villa. And by fully-staffed that means: dudes to chauffeur you places when you’re not whipping around in a 2020 McLaren.

“Be In Love” by Baynk:
 Subtle, rhythmic background synth could jazz even the sleepiest of listeners into motion. In the nursing home, those kind of keyboard strokes lead to STD’s. Just kidding, I love ya’ll. Please continue to have lots of wild sex. Do it for the too-tired thirty-somethings with kids.

“Morning” by Marc E Bassy:
Can you imagine waking up to a voice like this? Lyrics like this? Damn. I don’t know. My eyelash might be hanging, but did you want to get my number?!?

“Get Free” by Major Lazer, Amber Coffman: A full day has come and gone wearing nothing but thin, waterproof cloth and now it’s time to peel even that off in the outdoor shower next to the beach house.

“Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life” by Indeep: How many times has a DJ saved your life? Exactly.

“Caroline” by Aminé:
Aminé, when you say: “let’s get gory like a Tarantino movie,” do you mean like Once Upon A Time In Hollywood or more like Kill Bill: Volume 1? Yeah, rough might be in order for this one.


“Go F*** Yourself” by Two Feet: And just like that— the stairway bannister gets involved.

Honorable Mention, Just Because:

“Believe” By Feki: Hmm, maybe this goes on in the car right before you meet, grab, and embrace that special someone. No words needed. No, really. Please stop talking.

“Me.” By Zaxx: Pay no attention to the lyrics they are pretty morbid but on the other hand the dishes just got finished and wait, where is that soapy hand headed...
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