Songs to Remember #GamerGate By

#GamerGate is dead, and Allah be praised that it is so. Oh, there's still some twitching, of course. Cockroaches can live a week without a head, I'm told, and the same generally holds true of lame Internet "revolutions." In the end the whole writhing mess got dragged into the daylight of the mainstream media, where it promptly died its vampiric death -- the messy one from True Blood, not the poofy one from Buffy.

It died because the people involved missed some very simple concepts, most importantly that you can't be a martyr and also hold the hammer. You can't claim to be a victimized minority when everything you support is already slavishly catered to in a ridiculous degree. More than that, you're never going to convince regular people that don't know what 8chan is (Many of whom also play games, you know) that ethics in video game journalism is worth tweeting threats to people over.

But credit where credit is due, The GamerGaters took things super-serial, and while they only imagined themselves as brave warriors carrying out military-grade operations when some of them did take the time to go out and create actual battles songs. Is it glorious? Of course it is! Today we salute you, the Joe Hills and Francis Scott Keys of #GamerGate, and the stirring tunes you left behind in your stupid, stupid war.

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Jef Rouner (not cis, he/him) is a contributing writer who covers politics, pop culture, social justice, video games, and online behavior. He is often a professional annoyance to the ignorant and hurtful.
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