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Sophia Fresh Work For T-Pain, Stay True To DJ Screw

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RO: If we're being honest, groups are going into extinction. What sets Sophia Fresh apart from everyone else?

Cole: We want to represent harmony and unity. When you hear Sophia Fresh, it may take you back to TLC or Missy Elliott. When you think back to people like Miss, you don't think "oh, she had beef with so and so." We're all God's children. I'm not a religious person but I'm spiritual.

RO: So positive. I think you should mediate the feud between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj.

Cole [Laughs]: I'd love to do that.

RO: What would you say to them?

Cole: I'll tell them the same thing I said to you - that it's not about beef. It's about respect. We're all God's children. We're all women. If they come together, they can do some big things together.

RO: You're signed to T-Pain's label. How did that meeting go? What did he say to you?

Skye: Our A&R introduced us to T-Pain. We just performed for him and he liked it. It wasn't a matter of something being said. It was just the chemistry between us that made us connect.

RO: What surprised you the most about T-Pain?

Cole: He was just so musical.

Skye: He can play every instrument. He can sing with or without Auto-tune. People think it's just easy to sing with auto-tune. You need actual talent to sing with Auto-tune because you can overdo it. He's so good at it that people can't tell when he's using it or singing with his real voice. That's how talented he is.

RO: Does he speak in Auto-tune? I imagine that, for example, when he orders cheeseburger he does so in Auto-tune. Or is this just in my head?

Skye: No, he doesn't speak in Auto-tune. He has an app, though, that can make people speak in Auto-tune. See, that's how much he's made it his own. You could say that it's a part of him.

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