Sorry Little Monsters, Lady Gaga Tickets All Gone-Gone

Sorry Little Monsters, Lady Gaga Tickets All Gone-Gone

Tickets for the second date of Lady Gaga's Houston stand in July sold out less than an hour ago in just 15 minutes, falling short of the record six-minute record set last week. Way to go, little monsters of Houston. Mama Gaga has to be pretty excited about all the weird love going on. Speaking of weird love, this past week we have been rocking the shit out of some Gaga like a typical teenage girl (or boy) and club-going gay man. We don't know what took us so long to jump on the bandwagon, but dammit if "Bad Romance" doesn't rip nuts like Slayer to us. We could listen to that song on repeat for six hours straight. Plus, all her lyrics are endlessly quotable. We wish we could shut our playboy mouths right about now. Big and stupid hooks are the bane of our existence, and if that means we have to be stripped of our Motorhead rights, then so be it.

If you need tickets now, jump on Craigslist or any of the other standard ticketing sites to get your wallet plundered. Rocks Off will more than likely be doing double coverage of each show through Twitter and Aftermath's here on the blog.


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