Ligion (center) was on stage last night with Saliva

Sound Check with Ligion

Hard rock band Ligion was in Corpus Christi last night; it was the first night of their 45-city tour supporting Saliva. During Saliva's set Josey Scott (Saliva's lead vocalist) went over to the wings and pulled Ligion (that's the lead singer and not the band, which are both named the same - confusing, I know) on stage. The two shared the mike for the Tears for Fears classic "Shout" to an enthusiastic crowd of 2,000. After the show, Scott passed Ligion backstage, gave him a slap on the back and said, "Grab a notepad, I'll teach you everything you need to know."

Ligion (the singer) and Ligion (the band) co-founder June spoke with the Houston Press during a break at Wednesday night's sound check at the Scout Bar.

Houston Press: So what was last night like?

Ligion: It was fabulous, it was awesome. We played Corpus Christi and it was the first night of the tour with us, Saliva and Crossfade. It was a great crowd. We just got to meet all the guys of the band. We were standing on the side of the stage and Josey from Saliva called me up and I sang with him. That was a lot of fun. We just had a great show... June: I was so proud of you when you did that, too. I welled up a little bit.

After the jump, find out about the one guarantee Ligion makes to his fans.

Eric Anderson

(Laughs) It really was a special night for us. It was a huge thing to get this tour and then these guys; they couldn't be any more hospitable and cool. We got along right away. Everybody knew last night that this was going to be a great tour. And that's a great feeling to be welcomed.

HP: I know you're just starting on this tour, but tell our readers a little bit about what life is like on the road. Fans think it's all just walking through airports in your sunglasses with paparazzi chasing you ...

June: I haven't seen a single airport on this damn tour! (laughs)

Ligion: I'm not going to lie, we're having a great time but ... I have been in the same clothes for three days, I haven't showered for two days. It's just seven guys sleeping together in a van, leaning on each other. We're calling this the Get to Know Your Band Mate Tour. Really, it's not all ritz and caviar. We'll be lucky if we get a good meal today. But we'll be doing a show tonight in a new city. We love what we do, but it's not being chauffeured around in limos or anything ....

June: I got a limo last night. You missed out.

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Ligion: Man I always miss out on that kinda stuff. (laughs) Really, it takes a certain kind of person to live like this, but if you can, I'd recommend it.

HP: When you're on the road what happens to your songwriting? What happens to your rehearsals?

Ligion: All of those things lead up to this. We spent most of last year writing a record and then recording it. Then we spent three weeks in a rehearsal studio before we came out here. All of those things feed into each other. We're on this leg of the tour until March so we're playing just about every day and so that's kind of its own rehearsal.

As far as writing right now, every night at sound check we'll noodle around and come up with new riffs. We kind of stock pile those things so that when we get back home and have time to sit down with our computer we can start putting our ideas down. Right now we're really focused on the live show and playing every night.

HP: With the road being so difficult, how do you get up for a show every night? If you're hungry and hung over and sore from sleeping in the van all night, how do you get up for a performance?

Ligion: To me, night after night, it never gets old. No matter how tired we get or how hung over, whatever, the next day we wake up and say, "Holy crap, we're doing this again! Sweet! How did we get fortunate enough to be in a new city and get to do it all again?"

HP: But you're singing the same twelve songs over and over every night ...

Ligion: Most of these people are just getting to know us, but when we play a new song and get a reaction ... like last night by the second chorus people were starting to sing along and that's refreshing. We've sacrificed a lot and a lot of our lives have been put on hold to do this. The crowd is really like the sixth member of the band. Those songs become new songs to us every night, just because they're new to them. Their energy is unbelievable. It makes old songs new again. The audience has a lot to do with that.

HP: Are you still in the van or are you already at the Scout Bar?

Ligion: We are there.

June: That's our one solid guarantee. If we're there, we are there. If we're not, then we're defiantly going to be somewhere else. - Olivia Flores Alvarez

Ligion's debut album External Affairs in stores March 20, 2007

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