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Sounds of Twilight: The 5 Best Songs From the Twilight Soundtracks

Like most writers who aren't named Stephenie Meyer, I find the Twilight novels an abhorrent abomination and a great offense to the written word. I assume the movies are the same to serious filmmakers. But Twilight presents me with a unique problem. Having one foot in the world of writing and literature, I feel compelled to hate anything and everything associated with it. But with the other foot in the world of music, I have to admit: The movie soundtracks are totally awesome.

Way back when the first Twilight film was released in 2008, it came as a shock that legitimate artists were on the soundtrack. I mean, how could that be possible? Shouldn't this be filled with the kind of garbage that I presume the fans of the movies would listen to? But now it's just something to accept. Twilight soundtracks almost always contain some great songs by some of the best artists around today, such as these five.

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Corey Deiterman