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South Bayou: Where And When Houston Artists Are Playing In Austin This Week

Monday afternoon, when Rocks Off was scouring our email, MySpace, Facebook and various other Web sites for the following information, this thought occurred to us more than once: "Why are we wasting our time telling Houstonians where to go see people during SXSW who they can see practically anytime at home?"

It didn't take long for us to think of a few good answers:

  • For some of the city's less, shall we say, exhibitionist artists (Scale the Summit, //TENSE//, Yppah, etc.), SXSW may be the only chance Houstonians have to see them all year. Or one of the few.

  • Familiar faces are always welcome during an event as overwhelming as SXSW, whether onstage or in the crowd. Plus, the performers would no doubt welcome a little hometown moral support.

  • With very few exceptions, wherever they're playing, our locals are playing before, after or between artists you've probably never seen before and may never see again.
  • A lot of the following parties and showcases will be a lot easier to get into than many of their heavier-hyped, laminate/invite-only counterparts. And perhaps just as much, if not more, fun with just as much, if not more, free booze.
  • We hope people outside Houston read Rocks Off too - just, you know, not as much as we hope Houstonians do.

This is not everyone from Houston playing in Austin this week, either. Some artists must think its a goof to just put "SXSW" on their MySpace calendar and let everyone figure it out from there. If that applies to you, first of all, shame on you. Second of all, please leave a comment below or email [email protected] with some more specific details.

10th Grade Cutie

Date/time TBD. Namely, "I'm sure something will happen at SXSW," the band posted on its MySpace page. "It might be a show but it'll probably be one of us getting arrested for throwing bottles at bands we don't like." They clarified, somewhat, in an email last week: "Those crazy 10th Grade Cutie boys will be playing a guerrilla show somewhere they shouldn't."

Allen Oldies Band

Saturday: 10 a.m., 11th Annual "Mojo's Mayhem" @Continental Club (1315 S. Congress), free


Thursday: 8 p.m., House of Commons (2607 Rio Grande), free

Friday: 8 p.m. Casa de Gallo (2604 Diaz St.), free


News on the March

Saturday: 3:50 p.m., Stem and Leaf showcase @Rainey Manor (90 S. IH-35), free; 9 p.m., Casa de Gallo (2604 Diaz St.)

Scale the Summit

Wednesday: 6 p.m., Prosthetic Records Showcase @Mohawk (912 Red River)*

Shina Rae

Tuesday: 8 p.m., Sneak Attack Austin; 10 p.m. "Bad Is the New Good" fashion show @The Music Gym (815 E. 6th St.)

Wednesday: 7 p.m., "Showcase Showdown" @Coyote Ugly (501 E. 6th St., upstairs)

Spain Colored Orange

Wednesday: 1 p.m., Cheapo Discs (914 N. Lamar), free; 8 p.m. Wide Eyed Booking showcase @Key Bar (617 W. 6th St.)

Thursday: 5 p.m., Trophy's (2008 S. Congress), free; 8:30 p.m., Nomad Bar (1211 Corona)

Friday: 2 p.m., Carousel Lounge (1110 E. 52nd St.)

Saturday: 11:30 p.m., Carousel Lounge


Tuesday: 4 p.m. Awethum Fest @501 Studios (500 San Marcos)

Thursday: 8 p.m., Club 1808 (1808 E. 12th St.), free

Two Star Symphony

Wednesday: 8 p.m., The Hideout (617 Congress)*

The Watermarks

Friday: time TBD, Creekside Lounge (606 E. 7th St.)

Saturday: 10:30 p.m., Moose Lodge (2103 E.M. Franklin Ave.)

Wild Moccasins

Thursday: 7:45 p.m., Friends Bar (208 E. 6th St.)*; 10 p.m., House of Commons (2607 Rio Grande)

Saturday: 2 p.m., Music for Listeners party @Red House Pizzeria (1917 Manor Rd.), free; 8 p.m., Electric Kittyland (2113 Fordham), free

Young Mammals

Wednesday: 4 p.m., Music for Listeners Party, Red House Pizzeria (1917 Manor Rd.), free; 1:15 a.m., Spuds by Spuds MacKenzie @Baby Blue (1522 E. 5th St.)

Friday: 5 p.m., Static TV showcase @Baby Blue; 1 a.m., AyeAyeAye SXSW Showcase @Plumage Vintage (1704 E. 5th)


Friday: 8 p.m., Ninja Tune Showcase @The Independent (501 N. IH-35)*

* - Official SXSW showcase; badge or wristband required for entry

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