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South Park Mexican's Dope House Records: Help Wanted

The other day Rocks Off was unpacking a bunch of old boxes from our recent move and found Disc 2 of South Park Mexican's Power Moves, the one that starts off with a phone conversation between South Park Mexican (SPM) and DJ Screw. It even had DJ Screw's mug on the disc's cover. Fittingly, the rest of the tracks are screwed down.

DJ Screw and South Park Mexican, the first in hip-hop heaven, the latter incarcerated, still have catalogues that generate revenue. It's a testament to their legendary status and loyalty among their respective fan bases in Houston and throughout the country.

While Screwed Up Records and Tapes searches for its next home, SPM's Dope House Records seems to be expanding its workforce. In the midst of a tough job market, they're hiring.

A Linked in job announcement seeking a "Social Media Specialist" is circulating the web.

Maintain all major social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, etc.) for Carlos Coy or South Park Mexican by staying in close communication through typed and or hand written letters or reports. Writing letters to SPM and writing on all these social media sites will occupy the bulk of your time. This job will be done from your home and you will bill me for the hours on a weekly basis. Carlos is NOT required to write you but you will be REQUIRED to write him on a daily basis, even if its only a few words stating what you accomplished that day. You will be required to meet with me one day per week to discuss your work and any ideas that we might have to better our communication with the fans. I hope not to go more than an hour on this meeting, the meeting will be at Dope House Records. I may require you on occasion to visit with SPM in prison of which I will pay for all expenses."

Rocks Off emailed Arthur Coy, SPM's brother and president of the 15-year-old record label. We have been wanting to write a story on the business side of SPM since his incarceration. We haven't heard back, but stay tuned. In the job description, it states:

"We've had our ups and downs but we're still in business and trying to create something for our very loyal fans. South Park Mexican is our premier artist and is the driving force behind our company."

Obviously, those who have a moral code that conflicts with working for and communicating with someone who has been convicted of aggravated sexual assault of a child and sentenced to 45 years in prison, need not apply.

All others, who want 20 bucks an hour, can apply here.

Hell, we're not judging. Times are tough. Who's got snaps on the petro?!

Email Rolando Rodriguez at rolandorodriguezjr at gmail dot com.

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Contributor Rolando Rodriguez is the co-founder of Trill Multicultural.