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SPC Original Point Blank Goes to Hollywood

There’s a gritty new movie out today. It’s called Triple 9, and it was directed by John Hillcoat, who you might remember from Lawless and The Road. That should be enough to tell you that this sucker's gonna be tough and bloody. It’s the story of dirty cops, psychopathic dirty cops and heavily armed, morally challenged robbers. Safe bet that there will be a hefty body count involved, and to make the sordid actioner just a tad more surreal, it’s been augmented with the syrupy sounds of the southside of H-Town.

South Park Coalition O.G. Point Blank has got two songs on the film’s sound track, both screwed and chopped by the Originator himself. Hey, when you’re producing a film that evokes the moody anxiety of gun-toting street life, sometimes you can't help it: Your mind goes Blank.

The veteran street hustler says that the filmmakers approached him awhile back for the rights to use his music, and after some back and forth, they settled on the songs “After I Die” and “Wreckless.” Both appear on Blank’s My Personal Screwtape album, which he has thoughtfully re-released, since the film has no official sound track album.

It’s not the first time Point Blank’s music has been featured in a film. The rapper says that “High With the Blanksta” could be heard in a Nick Cannon film that went straight to video a few years back. But Triple 9 is different. This is a major Hollywood picture with real stars. A lot of them — Casey Affleck, Woody Harrelson, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kate Winslet and plenty more. And Blank says that his music plays during the film’s big climax.

“For an underdog like myself to get on the score of a big movie like this and represent H-Town, you know, I feel like it’s big,” Point Blank says. “Big for the city, big for South Park Coalition, big for our movement, you know what I mean? Just to know we haven’t been counted out, and we’re bein’ recognized by somebody.”

In recognition of his contribution to the film, Point Blank even scored an invite to the Triple 9 premiere in Los Angeles last week. All the stars were in attendance, giving one Reginald “Point Blank” Gilliand an opportunity to hobnob with the cast and make his Hollywood red-carpet debut alongside his trusted lawyer, William McManus.

“As soon as we got there, we went over and got our invitations,” the Blanksta says. “And as soon as we got over there, they just happened to be doing the red carpet. After they let the actors go, they was like, ‘Come on, Mr. Gilliand!’ I never thought I’d be going down the red carpet at a damn movie premiere. I mean, come on, man! It was just an awesome experience.“

It’s a hell of a long road from the southern edge of MacGregor Park to Hollywood Boulevard, and Point Blank is celebrating his music’s inclusion in Triple 9 by re-releasing “Wreckless” and “After I Die” as singles on iTunes, Google Play and all the usual services. My Personal Screwtape, which is essentially Point Blank’s greatest hits chopped by DJ Screw, is available for download, too, and features remixes of classics “My Mind Went Blank” and “High With the Blanksta.”

If that’s not quite live enough for you, Point Blank is also throwing a celebratory shindig tonight at midnight at the Wash Café. Admission is $20 and includes food. He’d like you to be there.

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And please be advised that SPC parties go late, late into the night.

“I’m having a movie release/CD party Friday, the day the movie actually comes out,” Point Blank says. “We goin’ to be celebratin’ and stuff, and I’m gonna give a CD away to everybody that comes through the door.”

Well, DJ Screw always said he’d screw up the world. Thanks to Point Blank, I guess we can check Hollywood off the list.

Point Blanks hosts a Triple 9 Movie/CD release party tonight at the Wash Cafe, 7155 Bellfort. $20 includes food and a CD. Party starts at midnight.

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