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Speculation & Interaction: A Preview of Future Music Summit 2012

Every year bloggers ask the same questions: What's going to be the song of the summer? How long before a band's reunion tour falls apart? Who is the next big thing?

When we're not reviewing shows, doing interviews, waxing nostalgic or making lists, we love to speculate. But that kind of speculation is limited. It's discussion of the near future, one which we'll know soon enough. It's the type of discussion that we'll get to laugh about in a few weeks; not particularly deep.

Rarely do we discuss the actual future of music. The evolution of not just a genre, but of the entire realm of sound, silence, form and harmony.

If you've ever been curious about the places music is going, you'll be happy to know that there's a group of like-minded people out there looking to discuss the future. And at the Future Music Summit, taking place this weekend in Round Top, they don't just want to talk about it: They want you to experience it.

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