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Sproing! 10 Musicians Who Should Have Their Own Comic Books

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Ahhh, comic books! A place where you can escape into another realm. Most artists have somewhat cartoonish onstage personalities, but some have so much that they deserve their own comic book or graphic novel.

Like these.

10. Daft Punk: Did anyone see Tron: Legacy when it came out? (raises hand) Here's an idea they could have for one of the Disney comic books to promote the film: Daft Punk emerges as an undercover covert force being employed by none other than Clu and Ed Dillinger Sr -- former Senior Executive Vice President of ENCOM. Their mission: to "de-rez" both Sam Flynn and Quorra, Their reason: because Sam and Quorra know the truth about Kevin's disappearance -- which Dillinger played a part in.

9. Jim Morrison (as a hologram): If Jim Morrison were to come back from the dead as a hologram, then he must have some sort of superpowers. He could have deadly lasers come out of his hands. Also, his nemeses would be those that cause trouble -- illegal or not.

8. Lady Gaga: Known for her outrageous, edible and even crazy onstage wardrobe, Gaga would be perfect as an anime character.

7. David Bowie as Major Tom or Ziggy Stardust: Throughout his career, David Bowie has played numerous characters, including Ziggy Stardust and Major Tom. Major Tom is an astronaut, according to the song. I have a feeling that this would have fit well in 2001: A Space Odyssey and would also make a great graphic novel.

6. Stevie Nicks: Known for her mystical persona, Nicks would be excellent as Bella Donna (after her 1981 debut album), a Sith goddess who protects and fights for the creatures, nightbirds and beings of the planet Shangri-La. However, she'd be one do-gooder you never want to mess with. Her weapon of choice would be an extremely powerful wand that, when it yields its powers, is deadly.

5. The B-52's: Remember that time when the B-52's made a cameo in The Flintstones? I think they could totally be in an Archie-style comic book. However, theirs would have to have a twist -- like maybe the band members fight a mean ol' rock lobster off of the beaches (rock lobster won't stop pinching all land dwellers)

4. Missing Persons: Before there was Lady Gaga, there was Missing Persons. Lead singer Dale Bozzio was very fashion-forward, much like Mama Monster. However, if they were to have their own comic book, it would have to be a little bit like Sailor Moon meets Jem.

3. DJ Khaled: DJ Khaled does everything: Raps, produces, hosts a radio show and is the president of the Def Jam South label. If he could be a comic-book character, he could be a chameleon named DJ Change-A-Lot that fights crime on the streets of Miami at night. Furthermore, his cohorts (such as Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross) could help him out as agent Shine (who blinds bad guys with her very bright light) and Agent Punch-heart, who punches bad guys in the heart and takes it out of their chest.

2. Weird Al Yankovic: Remember the movie UHF? There at least needs to be a graphic novel devoted to all the antics in that movie starring the King of Parodies himself. Though it wasn't a box-office hit, it is still a cult classic.

1. The Blues Brothers: Comical, crazy and awesome. Those are the three words that describe the comical genius of the late John Belushi (who has since been replaced by actor John Goodman) and Dan Ackroyd, better known as the Blues Brothers. Can you just imagine the misadventures those guys would have if they were a comic book? Some of their misadventures could include their usual running from the law, running away from Jake's insane ex-wife that he left at the altar, etc.

Honorable Mentions: Ozzy Osbourne, Slipknot, Buckethead

Do you think I left anyone off the list? Please say so in the comments section.

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