Stageside Blogging: Buxton and a Sweet Ride

Buxton: Justin Terrell (of the sweet white shoes), Jason Willis, Chris Wise

Orq is playing Prince's "Kiss" at the moment. Brett and I just stepped out for a smoke, where we ran into three-fourths of La Porte folk-rock upstarts and multiple nominees Buxton. After a recent run of bad luck, Buxton hopes its luck improves tonight, when they'll perform at Warehouse Live for the first time.

After the group's recent set at Hollywood Black's CD release show at Walter's, Jason Willis' mandolin went kaput when the brace inside broke. Then, after opening for El Paso's Sleepercar at the Mink, Willis was on his way home when his tire blew out south of Loop 610 and he pulled into an abandoned gas station. Waiting on roadside assistance, he was approached by a couple of guys who offered to help, but wound up stealing his keyboard and jumping into a nearby van.

"The worst thing is, I gave them $2 before they jumped me," he said. While we were chatting, someone in the sizable John Evans Band entourage pulled up in this cherry white Galaxie 500.

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