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Stageside Blogging: Buxton Catches a Train

Buxton (above) is rocking out right now, powered by some chiming guitar and that one and only chaka-chaka-chaka "train beat." These people right here (below) are loving it. They're about to give out some awards. Almost forgot about that part of the evening. Channel 39 anchor Mia Gradney is about to present Best Punk, and couldn't bring herself to say "Poor Dumb Bastards." (Los Skarnales won... surprise.) Tonight's best metal winners, Golden Axe, are M.I.A.

Skarnales' Felipe Galvan: "We don't play punk rock, but the attitude is punk rock. We grew up listening to the Clash and Ramones... they still sound badass on our iPod right now."

She just pronounced Spain Colored Orange "ornj." Love it. I also pronouce it that way. Spain Colored Ornj is your Best Indie Rock winner of 2008, Houston. "You're a lot better looking than Alan Hemberger, I tell you that much," one of them told Ms. Gradney. Hard to argue there. Skyblue72 just won Best Alternative Rock as well.

Bunch of other awards: Country to Katie Stuckey, Blues to (no-show) Little Joe Washington, Cover Band to Molly & the Ringwalds - marking their 5th anniversary Friday at the Continental - Experimental to Studemont Project. Tontons are performing in a bit, but for now it's Dwight Yoakam and Houston's own "Bad Mama Jama," Carl Carlton. Just as fine as he can be...

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.