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Stageside Blogging: Karina Nistal Gets Ambitious, Our Hosts Win an Award and Kam Guest-Blogs

To absolutely no one's surprise, Karina Nistal just won Latin Contemporary. It's only a stepping stone to bigger and better things. "I'm practicing for my Grammy speech," she said. "I want to give a shout-out to Katie Stuckey - girl, I should have won your category too." She really ought to record a country record, come to think of it. It's about the only genre she doesn't own at the moment.

More winners: Boondocks for Best New Club. "They're in the bathroom," somebody shouts. Our hosts Warehouse Live win for Best Live Music Club, and I'm sorry, but anyone who was here for Rilo Kiley, Cafe Tacuba or Snoop Dogg last year would be hard-pressed to disagree.

I am so happy right now: one of my favorite Houston performers, Kam, just crashed our little "VIP" area. I'll let her take it from here:

I'm so happy that Chris let his bouncer go on break so that I could come bullshit for a little bit.The awards have pretty much been an absolute mingle fest, but just an FYI to the Houston Press: Free booze triumphs over free food 90 percent of the time(just a suggestion for next years award show).

Congrats to everyone that won and I hope to see you guys this Friday at Fitzgerald's for "Leave Your Genre at the Door": 13 bands, 10 bucks! Chris Gray just went on stage to present the award for "Best bearded indie band member"... I'm going to get off of this computer now before I break something...oh Bun B just won the award for best beard along with everything else. UGK for life!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.