Stageside Blogging: Snoop Dogg Walks the Line

Orq is closing out with that song from his new CD To the Bone about the woman who "puts the 'ho' in 'Houston'" (hey, we don't judge), and Brett is off bringing back a "report" from the food table in the back of the room. Meanwhile, we got the lowdown on some recent activity at Music World Entertainment (the house that "Say My Name" built) from MWE's Logan Bosemer (above).

Above the fold is Compadre Records' (that's Music World's country label, y'all) ambitious project of Johnny Cash remixes, called, strangely enough, Johnny Cash Remixed (below). Each track features Cash's classics as interpreted by some of today's hippest beatmakers - Troublemaker, Count de Money, Mocean Worker, Alabama 3. The lead track is Snoop Dogg's cloudy envisioning of "I Walk the Line."

In other Music World news, Solange Knowles' new pop-soul album is due on Geffen next month, and Michelle Williams is presently riding high atop the dance charts with "We Break the Dawn." Bosemer herself is headed to Nashville soon "for personal reasons," but we suspect she'll be back.

Brett is back from the food table with the "story of the century." He's sure not back with any food.

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