Start the Guessing Now: Which Fun Fun Fun Fest Artists Will Also Play the Next Block Party?

Fun Fun Fun Fest, the scuzzier, noisier cousin to the Austin City Limits Music Festival, announced its lineup this afternoon. Held November 7 and 8 in Austin's Waterloo Park, FFFF is up to 91 artists this year, everyone from rappers the GZA, the Pharcyde and the Cool Kids to electronic/dance acts Broadcast, Ratatat and Yeasayer, power-pop (Destroyer) to hardcore (Fucked Up, Gorilla Biscuits), garage rock (Strange Boys, King Khan and BBQ), comedians (Brian Posehn) and lots of bands us thirtysomething geezers remember from back in the day: Face to Face, Jesus Lizard, 7 Seconds, Flipper and, er, Danzig. Rocks Off is most looking forward to seeing two bands that bookend the U.S. punk saga: Detroit demons Death, whose For the Whole World to See was one of the period's great lost albums until Drag City reissued it earlier this year, and Bostonians Mission of Burma, whose "That's When I Reach for My Revolver" was a grim anthem for the early-'80s underground and completed the transition into post-punk. Oh, and Metallagher, who combine the splatter-thrash of Metallica with the fruit-splatter of the comedian Gallagher.

Conveniently, but not coincidentally (we're almost positive), Free Press Houston's next Westheimer Block Party is also scheduled for that weekend. Or so we hear. (We hear lots of things, like they're already planning another outdoor festival in Eleanor Tinsley Park for April.) We do know that a handful of FFFF artists are already headed to Houston, like Shonen Knife (Numbers, November 8), Melt Banana (Walter's, November 9) and Lucero and Cedric Burnside & Lightnin' Malcolm (Meridian, November 9). Others, like Torche, HEALTH, Of Montreal and the Riverboat Gamblers, are already proud Block Party/Summer Fest alumni.

You do the math. Who would you like to see here instead of driving to Austin? Where could we put Death? Rudz?

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