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Statesboro Revue Want Fans to Experience Their New Video

When the Texas group Statesboro Revue was looking for a name, they wanted to pay homage to the Allman Brothers Band. To do that, they picked one of their favorite ABB selections,"Statesboro Blues."
The only problem is, a newspaper also shares the same name.

“Sometimes we get Twitter requests and all kinds of media requests from people in Georgia thinking we are a newspaper,” laughs the Austin trio’s front man, Stewart Mann.

Statesboro Revue will perform a concert while shooting a music video for their new single, “Undone,” at 8 p.m. this Saturday Blue’s Bar and Grill in Santa Fe. The show is free, and the band is asking all their local fans to come out and be a part of the shoot; the band returns to play Friday night at Houston's Cottonwood on September 25.

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Posted by The Statesboro Revue on Tuesday, February 3, 2015
According to Mann, when Statesboro Revue went in to record their new album, Jukehouse Revival, they wanted to bring an eclectic vibe while still continuing to produce a distinctive sound.

“We kind of set out to make it different and pulled from different influences,” he says. “We went in with the mindset that we were going to be open to different production styles and influences. When I write a song, I hear it one way and that’s the only way I hear it. We didn't want to do that this time. We really wanted to keep an open mind.”

As for the upcoming video shoot and performance, Mann says to also come with an open mind and be ready for a high-energy performance known as the “Statesboro Revue experience.” Mann said he loves the diversity of the Houston area, and fans are really into their unique sound.

“Fans are really open to all kinds of music, which is good for us,” he notes. “You know, we aren't your traditional Texas country band. That really helps because the Houston fans are so diverse with their music.”
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