This band? Needs strippers? No...
This band? Needs strippers? No...
Craig Hlavaty

Steel Panther Wants Needs Strippers For Friday's Show

OK, we all need strippers, but for tomorrow night's show at House of Blues, Steel Panther has put out a call to all of you dancing girls in the Houston-area to grace the stage during their set. It's a modest request, if you think about it. Most bands ask for strange alcohol and gourmet deli trays, and Steel Panther goes ahead and requests scantily-clad broads to help them out onstage. That's pure balls. We are assuming that they did mean female strippers specifically, but by all means if you are good-looking dude and don't mind being dragged offstage you could still try. As far as we know, the Panther guys are good sports when it comes to the bros. Rocks Off has five pairs of tickets to give away for the show tomorrow night. Seeing that it is on a Friday and that's when most reputable dancing girls make their money, it may be a drain on their economy. Unless you work at a BYOB bar in Clear Lake or Galveston, you work until 4 a.m. anyhow, so the show shouldn't affect your shift in the slightest. Pay attention to our Twitter and Facebook accounts to see how to win tickets. The first pair will go out at 4 p.m. this afternoon on our FB fan page.

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