Stereo Total, with the Kimonos, Carter Brown and the Wiggins

There's something sexy about Euros. No? Whether it's the fashion, the accent or the "how do you say" innocence, something keeps us intrigued. Berlin-based Stereo Total has every bit of the above, plus a sound that packs Serge Gainsbourg, Brigitte Bardot, Devo, Plastic Bertrand and Jean-Jacques Perrey into one pleasant synth-popping and bombastic package.

For ten years, French-born Franoise Cactus and German Brezel Gring have paraded all over the world, singing in French, German and (broken) English over playful keyboard and guitar bits, sampler-driven melodies and bed-rocking percussion. Their American popularity escalated when the reputable punk label Kill Rock Stars reissued their back catalog, as well as new material, like their latest, Do the Bambi.

In fact, Stereo Total's live show is just as enjoyable as its records, if not more stimulating through direct contact. A roomful of horny showgoers getting crazy on the dance floor -- under the sway of Stereo Total's European mystique -- is always quite the spectacle. When they last played Houston a couple of years ago, they invited a lucky audience member on stage and sandwiched him between them during "L'Amour 3," fittingly, a song about a threesome.

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Travis Ritter