Stevens & Pruett Vs. The FCC: Beer Cans And Hershey Kisses

Rocks Off is in the process of collecting stories about legendary Rock 101 KLOL morning team Stevens & Pruett as a tribute to Mark Stevens, who passed away Tuesday morning from complications of Alzheimer's disease at age 76. We're especially interested in hearing from the duo's colleagues at KLOL, but would love anyone whose lives were touched by the "Radio Gods" (who were pretty touched themselves) to share, so please email us at chris.gray@houstonpress.com.

Earlier this afternoon, Rocks Off spoke with Jake Ray, who grew up listening to Stevens & Pruett in Lake Jackson and produced the morning show for several years until the duo was fired in 2000. Ray's on-air name was "Tito," he explained, because Pruett thought there should be a "Mexican houseboy" in the cast.

During the course of our conversation, Jake mentioned that Stevens & Pruett ran afoul of the Federal Communications Commission a few times. Shocking, we know, from the pair widely credited with inventing (or perfecting) shock-jock radio. At Ray's suggestion, we poked around online for a bit and found a Policy Statement the FCC issued in 2001. Read the whole thing here; it's not bad for government work.

Sure enough, right there with famous shock jocks like Howard Stern and Bubba the Love Sponge, Stevens & Pruett - who enjoyed doing stuff like having an intern fake an orgasm on the air - were cited twice, more than likely driving KLOL's parent company the Rusk Corporation bonkers in the process. Rocks Off thought our readers might enjoy a combination civics lesson/late-afternoon sex chat.

The duo's name first appears in Section III, "Indecency Determinations," Subsection B, "Case Comparisons." The case in question:

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The doctor was talking about size. The man complained earlier that he was so large that it was ruining his marriages. Big is good if the guy knows how to use it. She is so big she could handle anything. Some of these guys, a very few of them, a handful are like... two hands full.

Twelve inches, about the size of a beer can in diameter. So, now could you handle something like that? It's actually ruined marriages. A big organ for a big cathedral. Somebody big is just going to have to find somebody that's big.

Ruling: Indecent - "[W]hile [the licensee] may have substituted innuendo and double entendre for more directly explicit sexual reference and descriptions in some instances, unmistakable sexual references remain that render the sexual meaning of the innuendo inescapable."

And here they are again a little later, in a subsection titled "Presented in a Pandering or Titillating Manner or for Shock Value":

Sex survey lines are open. Today's question, it's a strange question and we hope we have a lot of strange answers. What makes your hiney parts tingle? When my husband gets down there and goes (lips noise)... I love oral sex... Well, my boyfriend tried to put Hershey kisses inside of me and tried to lick it out and it took forever for him to do it.

Ruling: Indecent - "Explicit description in a program that focused on sexual activities in a lewd, vulgar, pandering and titillating manner."

Curious, Rocks Off asked Ray, who now produces Drumline star/America's Got Talent host Nick Cannon's radio show for New York City's 92.3 FM, how much of Stevens & Pruett's routine on-air discourse he thought they could get away with today.

"Legally, 50 percent," he said. "But since it's all corporate now and it's all fuckin' boring, ten. Almost nothing. I don't think anybody would take the risks that that show was."

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