Still Aching for Aiken?

Pat, Louisiana.

The response from Clay Aiken fans to a slightly negative posting we ran recently was surprising. Since we like to keep our readers happy, we thought we'd do something nice for all you Clay-mates and make it up to you. So, here's the deal: a two-part contest. Part one, a contest for the best Clay Aiken fan art. If you have drawn or painted a picture of Clay, send us a jpg (jpgs only, please!). We'll post the best ones online (within reason, no nudie pictures or anything offensive).

Part two is a contest for the best prize idea. We have no idea what to offer as a prize. Tickets to his upcoming Houston concert? Fans already have those. A backstage pass to meet him at his Houston show? We don't have that kind of pull with his manager. So, part two of the contest is figuring out a good prize for Clay Aiken fans. (Keep in mind, we have zero budget for this, so keep it cheap.)

Remember, send only jpg images of your art. The best drawings and paintings will be posted online. And send us your ideas for a prize (a cheap prize). - OFA

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