Still More HPMA Nominee MP3s

You didn't think Rocks Off would let you escape into the weekend without some more HPMA nominee MP3s, now did you? We certainly hope not. We may be running out of ways to write the same headline, but we're not running out of MP3s. Please send them to chris.gray@houstonpress.com. Also, those of you who have written in asking if Rocks Off still has your MP3s we previously posted, we probably don't, so please send them again.

Remember, wristbands for our HPMA showcase are on sale now for $15 right over here. We are almost ready to reveal the identity of the special guest on the Bud Light outdoor stage at Washington and Silver too, so stay tuned for that.

Today we are happy to bring you A Dream Asleep (Best Hardcore/Noise), Matt Harlan (Best Folk), Krunkquistadors (Best Mainstream Hip-Hop), The Octanes (Best Roots-Rock/Americana), Skeleton Dick (Best Punk), Spare Parts (Best Cover/Tribute Band) and Staci's Edge (Best Rock).

Round 1: Tianna Hall, Kyle Hubbard, The Lotus Effect

Round 2: Kennedy Bakery, Plump, Preemo, Rowe, Two Star Symphony, World's Most Dangerous

Round 3: 2 Dollar Sound, Driftwood, Fluff the Kat, Hollywood FLOSS, The Journey Agents

Round 4: Blaggards, DJ Red, Giant Battle Monster, Heidi Massin, The Live Lights, Weird Party

Round 5: Balaclavas, Glenna Bell, Giant Princess, Last Soul Descendents, Strange Days, the Trey Clark Band

Round 6: Chase Hamblin, Disfrutalo, Espantapajaros, Tax the Wolf, The American Heist, The Failed Attempt

A Dream Asleep, "Hungry Hungry Hermaphrodite"
A Dream Asleep, "Couples Skate"
Matt Harlan, "13 Dresses"
Matt Harlan, "Walter"
Krunkquistadors, "Party With Me"
Krunkquistadors, "Sweet Sweet"
The Octanes, "Brandin' Iron Blues"
The Octanes, "Life-Sol"
Skeleton Dick, "Oscar Mayer Tampon"
Skeleton Dick, "Waffle"
Spare Parts, "Brass In Pocket (Live)"
Spare Parts, "Even It Up"
Staci's Edge, "I've Got It All"
Staci's Edge, "To the Riverbed"

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.