Stingray Sam Wants You To Hand Him His Asking Stick

The best band that you are not paying any attention to is The Billy Nayer Show and its leader Cory McAbee. When the world went gaga for The Flaming Lips' film Christmas on Mars, what they apparently didn't realize was that it was nothing but a very good but ultimately lacking attempt at replicating what Billy Nayer Show had already done with The American Astronaut.

Now, McAbee and crew are back with their latest avant-garde space western, Stingray Sam. The film follows Sam (Mcabee) and the Quasar Kid as they try to pay off their debt to society by rescuing a little girl in trouble. It's a fantastic piece of work that only further cements McAbee's place as one of America's premier underground auteurs. The best part is, you don't even have to buy the film. It's being released in serial form on Youtube, each with a new song like our own Brown Dog Affair is doing. Here's the first episode.


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