Stone Coyotes

Since their local debut three years ago at the Conroe Cajun Catfish Festival, the greater Houston area has been so taken with hard rockers Barbara Keith, husband Doug Tibbles and son John that the trio has purchased a condo in the area and now makes Houston their second home. With regular tour schedules in the area, including two far-flung local shows this week alone, the twangy "Texa-chusetts" hard rock trio has seen an audience coalesce around them that staggers the mind in its diversity. It's not uncommon to see grizzled bikers and puffed-sleeved schoolteachers sharing the dance floor together at Coyote gigs. They also seem to attract an amazing age-group spread. A verse from the new track "Dance Band," about a night in a Galveston club, says it all about the Coyotes: "The room is shakin' to four on the floor / It sounds like a speaker's blown / The bikers in the corner look a little hardcore / A cowboy's dancin' alone."

The Borski's gig will be the finale to a Texas tour that has introduced the new album Fire It Up, released April 5. The band has again relied entirely upon itself for recording, writing and producing the album. No guest players, no string sections, no backup choirs, just more of the driving three-chord Coyote rock that has pleased their fans for years.

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William Michael Smith