Straight from the Sole: Houston's Best Metal Bands

You know Soledad. He's the vocalist from controversial Houston rap-metal act Daylight Coma. He's got a lot to say. Sometimes it's insightful, sometimes less so, but it's almost always said with conviction. This week, in honor of the fast-approaching HPMA, we asked him who he thinks are Houston's five best metal bands.

Rocks Off: The Houston Press Music Awards are right around the corner. You being you, how about if you give us the five best metal bands in town? Surely no one will have a problem with that.

Soledad: Houston has a major metal scene that often gets overshadowed by the likes of Trae tha Truth, Z-Ro, Scarface, Devin the Dude, Bun B and many other rappers. While we do have ZZ Top, that still doesn't expose our talented musicians that pack local venues every weekend. These are my top five upcoming bands that need to be recognized.


This five-piece band - Chris Smith (vocals), Chris McDaniel (guitar), Mike Palacios (guitar), Adam Rabel (bass), and Mike Marksberry (drums)- of pure mayhem formed in 2005 and has just released its self-titled CD Bloodvoid and I tell you now, please go get it off iTunes.

If you're into bands like UnEarth, Killswitch Engage, God Forbid and Iron Maiden, then you will enjoy how these hometown boys are putting it down. Chris commands the stage like Optimus Prime; very focused with a [transformative power] in his singing abilities, so you're not bored with those tiring redundant growls like most wannabes. (Howard Jones wannabes, to be exact!)

Flawlessly Inadequate

What can I say about this group of girls besides they are BAD TO THE BONE! You have Cortni on guitar/vocals, Jessica on guitar/vocals, Stef on guitar/vocals and Mayra holding down the drums. From marketability to just good songwriting, this band puts you in the mind frame of Avril Lavigne meets Kittie. If any band is going to burst out of Houston onto the mainstream train, it's going to be F.I.

LSPS (formerly Lonestar Pornstar)

With the 2006 release of their CD, Protection, and 2008 follow-up Make Another Offer, these four lean mean rocking machines - Greg Stegman, vocals, Danas Brading, guitar, Fender Philock, bass and Manny Perez, drums - have already established a massive following that stretches from New Mexico to the sunshine state of Florida.

From Hedpe, 2 Live Crew, Saliva, Neverset and even Vanilla Ice, the LSPS guys have shared the stage with them all and held it down for H-Town! There is really no comparison to this band, but if I was going to make one I would have to say Rage Against The Machine, Papa Roach and P.O.D.

Pinche Gringos

Southern Metal at its best! If you have never seen a PINCHE GRINGO show, I beg you to watch El-Jefe (vocals), Gabe (bass), Grady (guitar), Troy (guitar) and The Skipper (drums) at one of Houston's many live band spots. Imagine if Jeff Foxworthy and Phil Anselmo (Pantera) were mashed into one. Well, that's Mr. El-Jefe.

Doesn't matter if there's 50 patrons or 500 patrons, you are sure to be kicking up dust with a smile on your face - maybe some Tequila also. PG started in 1999 and over a 10 year span they still remain strong despite several lineup changes. If you dig Hank III or Pimpadeli9c, then this band is your "Habanero Hot Wings." And if you thought Victoria's Secret had some sexy undergarments, I say to you ladies pick up a pair of Gringo panties! You will get moist.

Last Rosary

How many of you know a group of kids that started a band in high school and five years later is still together, going strong, with all original members? I give you Last Rosary (formerly Clown). Alfie Dadilla (vocals), James Lopez (guitar), Jesse Lopez (bass) and David Ramirez (drums). Mix bands like Bleeding Through, Black Dahlia and Slayer into a pot, take a spoonful and you have the ultimate witches' brew, my friends.

I personally feel that Last Rosary has withstood the test of band commitment at a young age and are a force to be reckoned with. The band just released its first self titled CD, which can be found on iTunes, so show some Texas love and go purchase it. You want mosh pit action? You want broken bones? You want blood? Well, you want Last Rosary!

Honorable Mention: Cain Was Able, Dine Alone, The Brilliance Suffering, Cellcyst, Ethreal, Chrome 44, Audiophotograph, Temple of Wrath, The Morning Becomes and MeanPeace.

If your Top 5 doesn't line up exactly with mine don't have a cow, just post your personal picks in the comment section and tell us why.

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Shea Serrano