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Straight from the Sole: Immigration, Houston's Mayoral Race and More

You know Soledad. He's the vocalist from controversial Houston rap-metal act Daylight Coma. He's got a lot to say. Sometimes it's insightful, sometimes less so, but it's almost always said with conviction. This week, we asked him about illegal immigrants and the race for Houston's next mayor. You're welcome to disagree with him (and you probably will) in the comment section. We're fairly certain he'll respond to you personally - he may even call you something unflattering. Fingers crossed.

Rocks Off: The Immigration and Customs Enforcement is apparently looking into illegal immigrants working in Houston (among other places). You being a non-Caucasian, what's your take on that situation? Leave 'em be, or clean 'em out?

Soledad: Look, man, its all about supply and demand. There is a major need to supply labor in Texas right now, and illegal laborers are a high commodity at a cheap price to get the job done, which saves companies millions. We are all on foriegn soil anyways. Don't buy into that Christopher Columbus crap. The Natives were already here when he discovered America.

I say leave 'em be as long as they are working toward there citizenship for a better opportunity. What's funny is that the offices where these so call politicians are disputing over this illegal enforcement law is cleaned by contractors who employ illegals, so you go figure.

RO: Rice University is hosting a Mayoral Forum discussing Land Use and whatnot tonight at the Contemporary Arts Museum. Land use is apparently going to be a big issue among the candidates. Thoughts on the race? Who've you got? Why?

S: All I have to say about the Houston Mayoral Race is that the the next mayor is already picked. Will it be Peter Brown, Annise Parker, Gene Locke or Ben Hall? Whoever is willing to be a puppet for the "Machine." Yes, I said it: we the people do not pick the next mayor.

The wealthy interests - a.k.a. "Machine" - provide money and a [foolproof] media-marketing campaign in return that their "Chosen One" signs off any building permits, tax breaks, and whatnots that they see fitting. Bullshit runs a marathon, so if you happen to see one of these canidates running for a cancer, Lou Gehrig's disease or HIV/AIDS fundraiser, know that Soledad warned you.

RO: Are you positive about that? Because we're pretty sure that's one of the basic pillars of democracy, sir. What about Obama? Was that all a ruse so as to keep the people from revolting? We think the fact that Americans will never, ever revolt against anything is evidence enough that that's not true.

S: Come on now. Unless you have been under some rock since the days of George Washington, then you know each Commander in Chief is hand-picked. In Obama's case, he was brought in to the give the American people hope. After eight years of George W. Bush, which brought on a rise in unemployment, foreclosures, corporate embezzlement and 9/11 (an inside job), the "Machine" needed to activate a "Change Campaign."

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