Strike Anywhere

Strike Anywhere hasn't done much to change their politically driven punk anthems over the years. The group has stayed true to their post-hardcore ways, from the first album Change is a Sound to the recently released Dead FM. Fierce yet catchy instrumentations push singer Thomas Barnett's melodic shouting and crooning as he delivers the genre's standard easy-to-sing-along-with choruses and expected whoa's and yeah's. Still, Strike Anywhere remains a standout among politically conscious punks. This could be because the band's choice to stick to a formula has them perfecting it with each release. Or it could be because Barnett's intimate lyrics make for an unmatched, earnest delivery. Sure, all bands can mean what they say, but Strike Anywhere makes sure the fans understand why they say it in the first place. In FM, Barnett explains how the band penned "House Arrest" while being detained in Japan with no explanation, and how his grandfather's health complications from working with the Manhattan Project developing nuclear weapons inspired the words of "Sedition." In a time when every "punk" song is either whining about a breakup or shallowly posturing about our evil government, Strike Anywhere is leading a crusade to keep it real.
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Dusti Rhodes
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