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Stryper's Michael Sweet: "We Stick to Our Guns"

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RO: You did a stint as the co-lead vocalist and guitarist for Boston. Tell us a little bit about how that came about. What was it like?

MS: It was pretty wild. It was a last-minute thing. I got a call to be a part of what was supposed to be their last show ever: A benefit show for their lead singer Brad Delp, who committed suicide.

I went to go rehearse for this and things just started taking off in a really good way. Tom [guitarist Scholz] was very pleased with how I played, how I sang, how the band sounded. It went so well that, after the show, he came up and said, "We're ecstatic and thrilled at how well this went.

"We want to continue on and do more, and would you like to be a part of it?"

It was a shock to me. It was unexpected. I wound up within the next year going out on tour with them and Styx [in] '08, and we were co-headlining. I was co-lead vocalist along with Tommy DeCarlo. It was awesome!

RO: Kind of like that old Jennifer Aniston/Mark Wahlberg movie Rock Star, isn't it?

MS: Sure, yeah. Tommy worked at Home Depot and put up some tracks of himself singing some songs, and he got the call to come to the benefit and they liked him so much they asked him to be part of the band. So it's pretty crazy.

He [DeCarlo] is still in Boston. I left the band. It got to a point where I didn't wanna wait around any longer. I had a lot of things coming up in my life that I needed to commit to. So I decided it would be best to part and move forward on my other potential commitments, and that's what I did.

They are touring this year. Tommy's going out with them. He's a dear friend and great singer. He sounds a lot like Brad, and I wish them well. They're a great band. They're another big influence of mine.

With Supernova Remnant, 8 p.m. tonight at House of Blues.

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