StubHub: Houston Is More "Rockin'" Than Vegas, Less So Than Hartford and Milwaukee

Online ticket broker StubHub.com released its annual list of America's Top 20 "Most Rockin' Cities" Friday, with Houston holding steady at No. 17 for the second year in a row. We probably would have been even higher - in several ways - if Vermont jam-band overlords Phish, who reunited this summer for the first time since 2004, weren't such pussies and booked some shows south of the Mason-Dixon line. Thanks to Phish, Houston was leapfrogged in the rockin' rankings by cities still trying to wash out the lingering body odor of the band's traveling caravan of fans: Milwaukee (No. 10), Hartford (No. 11) and Baltimore (No. 16). Denver, poor bastards, got three nights of Phish at Red Rocks, good enough to boost the Colorado capital from No. 16 to No. 10. Paul McCartney's summer stadium tour helped most of its markets into the Top 10, including New York (No. 1), Boston (No. 2), Washington, D.C. (No. 6) and - grrr - Dallas (No. 7). Absent Phish or McCartney, Houston's top-selling shows this summer were Coldplay, the Jonas Brothers and the Phish of the Southwest, George Strait. StubHub's Top 20 (and the top-selling shows in each market): 1. New York (Paul McCartney (2 shows), Bruce Springsteen) 2. Boston (McCartney, Kenny Chesney, Dave Matthews Band) 3. Chicago (U2, Elton John/Billy Joel (2)) 4. Los Angeles (Taylor Swift, Eric Clapton/Steve Winwood, Coldplay) 5. Philadelphia (John/Joel (2), Chesney) 6. Washington, D.C. (Springsteen, John/Joel, McCartney) 7. Dallas (George Strait, McCartney, Jonas Brothers) 8. San Francisco Bay Area (Chesney, Phish, Coldplay) 9. Detroit (Chesney, Kid Rock/Lynyrd Skynyrd, Keith Urban) 10. Denver (Phish (3)) 11. Milwaukee (Phish (2), Jimmy Buffett) 12. Hartford (Phish, Swift, DMB) 13. Seattle (Coldplay, Swift, Chesney) 14. Atlanta (Urban, Jonas Brothers, Swift) 15. Toronto (Coldplay, Pearl Jam, Tool) 16. Baltimore (Phish, Swift, Chesney) 17. Houston (Strait, Coldplay, Jonas Brothers) 18. Las Vegas (Swift, Clapton/Winwood, Buffett) 19. Pittsburgh (Chesney, Phish) 20. Indianapolis (Phish, DMB, Buffett)

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