Superjoint Ritual

Far below the surface, in the murkiest recesses of the 15-year-old male subconscious, there is a slumbering wraith coiled like a black mamba, a kundalini-like force poised to issue a torrent of well-used obscenities at the first motherfucker to trip its hair-trigger. It is a hate-filled ant lion in the rocky sand of the adolescent soul, an anticipator of transgressions waiting to go postal.

The dark forces of Superjoint Ritual seek not to exorcise this unsavory bogie. Rather, they invite it to mosh in the pale moonlight and thrust its stinky, priapic middle finger into the air with them as they tear into the cochlea with raging metal incantations that some madmen merely write about in their diaries.

If you get the sense that a super-group composed of members of Pantera, Corrosion of Conformity, Down and no less than Hank Williams III has any intention of pussyfooting lightly into town and playing nice, you shouldn't. Superjoint Ritual's metal is way mean, a festering boil of the nastiest, angriest, most satanic aspects of the style. The group's full-length debut, Use Once and Destroy, is like a bayou-roadhouse knife brawl that never ends, and tonight they bring their blistering eviscerations to The Engine Room.

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John Goddard